The world of Xegity

The world of Xegity is the Terran Star State of the year 2246, a section of space measuring 1.200 parsec at its largest diameter, centered around the planetary system Sol. It is here where mankind has established thousands of colonies in numerous star systems in the years following the first successful faster-than-light space flight. Embedded like a thorn in the Terran Star State is the realm of the Ychon, a mysterious alien species to which humanity established first contact 20 years ago.

The Terran Star State is divided. Two worlds are facing each other in a silent, smoldering conflict. These two worlds are the Core, comprising the inner systems in the vicinity of Sol, and the Rim, the outer colonization zone in the lonely, far reaches of civilized space. While the Core is characterized by dense spaceship traffic, luxury, power and decadence, loneliness and omnipresent hazards rule the Rim. The Core is dominated by the headquarters of the megacorporations and the institutions of government. On the other side, derelict mine planets, pirate nests and daredevils in run-down spaceships form the face of the Rim.

Terran Star State

Star map inner Core
The inner Core - Systems and trade routes (high resolution)

The Terran Star State encompasses the civilized space of humanity. It consists of star systems which have been claimed for humankind since the first successful faster-than-light journey of the year 2145. The area of the state is not sharply delimited - its borders are pushed out into unknown space constantly. About 300.000 star systems within a 600 parsec radius around Sol, home of humankind, are considered part of the Terran Star State. About 50.000 of those systems harbor settlements numbering more than 1.000 human residents.



A catastrophic event of unprecedented dimensions gave shape to the passing of humankind into the age of interstellar space travel. The first true starship, the "Unity", was annihilated in a cataclysmic explosion, laying waste to large parts of the surface of planet Earth. At this time, some of the corporations of Earth had already moved their headquarters to other celestial bodies within the solar system - led by 'Luna Technology', one of the first enterprises to undertake this step. They were hardly affected by the disaster and generously pledged their support for reconstruction. Interplanetary economics started to flourish as a consequence of these activities, organized from beyond the surface of planet Earth. The interest of the corporations in extending their influence to new worlds grew.

Near the end of the 22nd century, 'Luna Technology' finally succeeded in equipping a spaceship with a safe star drive. The ship reached the star system Proxima on February 26, 2145, and visited the two 'Rigel Kentaurus' systems just a short time after that. While no planets similar to Earth were found on those first voyages, the abundance of resources made the potential for colonization evident. The CTR, which fulfilled the role of global government in the years of reconstruction, could hardly stop the corporations from dividing interstellar space up between them. In the following years, history of humankind was shaped by the rapid expansion into uncivilized space, the reproduction of artificial humans by the 'Echelon Biolabs' corporation, and ultimately, the discovery of alien lifeforms on many worlds, culminating in the first contact with the civilization of the Ychon.


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